Creature Feature!– Two-striped Walkingstick (Aug. 2015)

Anisomorpha buprestoides

This month’s creature feature is Anisomorpha buprestoides, otherwise known as the two-striped walking stick! Let’s take a look at this common species.

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Introducing… Behind the Bug!

This handy little site is Behind the Bug! Maybe it’s not much to look at yet, but here I plan to organize and present all sorts of useful information about entomology and arthropod collecting. It’s a learning venture for me and you, so stick around and see if you pick up a few useful tips along the way!

What is Behind the Bug?

Behind the Bug is an up-to-date, evolving catalogue of U.S.-based entomological information. The purpose is simple: to create an easily-obtainable source for arthropod collecting, preserving, raising, and observing information. This is meant to be a reliable site with information stemming from various reliable sources, usable by anyone with the slightest interest in creepy-crawlies.

What will the content focus on?

In this blog site, I plan to provide tons of useful info on stuff like:

  • Insect collecting
  • Pinning and other forms of preservation
  • Beneficial and pest species
  • Raising common pet species (and a few uncommon choices!)
  • First aid
  • Traps
  • General identification
  • Entomophagy (insects as food)

…and more! Stay with me and help contribute to the content as a source!

Who authors the page?

At present, I am the sole author of Behind the Bug. My name is Ash, and I’m a senior in high school in a homeschool program built by my mother and me. I’m a writer and an aspiring entomologist from southwest Louisiana, and I have a passion for education and responsible appreciation of nature. Unfortunately, I have no credentials at the moment, but perhaps someday I will!

Bookmark this page, and let’s see what we can learn together!

—Ash, Behind the Bug